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Project Description

Metazoa Ludens (2006)

The “Metazoa Ludens” team concludes that pet owners do not have enough time to spend with their pets anymore, so they created a remote human-animal interaction which allows you to interact with a hamster over distance trough your computer. The hamster is placed inside of a closed environment with its position tracked by an infra-red camera. The terrain of the environment can be manipulated by an actuator so it can mimic the virtual terrain of the game the pet owner is playing. Using the tracking system the position of the hamster is shown in the game, while the position of the player is represented as bait in the environment of the hamster. The player can move the bait around while the hamster is chasing it.


Credits: Adrian David Cheok, Roger Thomas Tan, Newton Fernardo, Roshan Peiris et al.