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Project Description

Cockroach Virtual Reality (2012)

Researchers at the University of Oulu (Finland) aimed to record the brain activity of cockroaches while in their natural habitat, but since this wasn’t technically possible they recorded the brain activity of cockroaches inside of a virtual reality environment. The cockroaches are placed on a trackball, allowing them to walk around whilst staying stationary. A spherical projection in front of the cockroach displays a virtual forest. Most of the cockroaches acted as if they were in a real forest, avoiding the trees and looking for shadowy spots, so it seems this setup is successful for studying natural animal behaviour. Read more about this project on Popular Mechanics.


Credits: Jouni Takalo, Arto Piironen, Anna Honkanen, Mikko Lempeä, Mika Aikio, Tuomas Tuukkanen & Mikko Vähäsöyrinki