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Project Description

Beaming into the Rat World: Enabling Real-Time Interaction between Rat and Human each at their own Scale (2012)

Researchers from Universities in Spain, Germany, Austria, England and the US developed a virtual reality system designed to allow a human and a rat to interact with each other. Interestingly the human interacts with the rat at the rodent’s scale, while the rat is represented as a human avatar. Participants were placed  into the rat’s environment by linking a head-mounted display and joystick to a rat-sized telepresence robot. Human players were then treated to a proportionally accurate representation of the game arena. The rat was there too, tracked with an overhead camera and represented by a human avatar. The human participants were challenged to find and lead the rodent to a unmarked goal.


Credits: Jean-Marie Normand, Maria V. Sanchez-Vives, Christian Waechter, Elias Giannopoulos, Bernhard Grosswindhager, Bernhard Spanlang, Christoph Guger, Gudrun Klinker, Mandayam A. Srinivasan, Mel Slater